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Real estate business can be a hectic and frustrating endeavour for many people. Buying or selling a home is often very stressful life experiences. The processes and transactions can be lengthy, uncertain and have unanticipated costs. The time required in carrying out these tasks can be extensive which in turn requires patience. 

Other than the time and lengthy processes, managing these tasks, researching information and setting up appointments can be a hassle. People go round and round looking at different real estates in which they have no interest at all, takes up too much of their time.

Every client deserves dedicated attention and devotion that can only be provided with understanding the need of the client. Willy is here to help all of his clients in a way very few realtors do and will make sure that every client receives personal attention which improves the relationship between a client and a realtor and builds trust. 

Willy will understand and acknowledge the financial aspects and clear any doubts and questions that usually arise in the clients' mind. Have frequent sessions to work out a plan that would suit the client and implement the plan the best he can to get a top deal carved out. 

A Singapore based top 50 achiever in his Agency of over 7,000 real estate professionals and a seasoned realtor who recognizes and values the trust of his clients and strives every day to surpass their expectations. 

Some of Willy's Awards and Credentials:
ERA TOP 50 Achiever
ERA Diamond Achiever
ERA Million Dollar Club
Member of PLUSH by ERA
Certified Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planner - SAMP (SEAA)
Certified Professional Certificate in Real Estate Investing (SMU)
Certified Digital Marketing Strategist (Equinet)

With deep knowledge in accounting and finance, Willy also grew as an experienced Trader serving in the commodity trading industry. 

Being a trader before entering the world of real estate has helped him instilling and maintaining the discipline required to be successful in the real estate world. Deep and insightful market knowledge, a strong concept of supply and demand allows a trader like Willy to analyze and understand real estate market trends in-depth with the help of different chart visualizations. The skills of being a trader help Willy to form insights for his clients to make informed decisions.

A highly trusted realtor known for his extensive market knowledge, his success is based on unmatched devotion to clients. For Willy, being a middle man is not enough. Equipping his clients with the latest and authentic market knowledge is the way to go to facilitate them in making an educated decision for themselves. 

Willy’s main goal is to make EVERY real estate transaction a simple and a stress-free process for the people who are new to this domain and as well for the seasoned property investor who already went through the process. 

Creating a simple and easy experience for the people to be able to buy or sell at the best of prices is the top priority. Especially for the people for whom it is important to secure a property for a roof over their heads in these testing times. 

Willy ensures his customers on three crucial aspects
1)Time is money. He’ll make sure his and more importantly your time is not wasted
2)Honest. Whatever the circumstance, he’ll be brutally honest and straight forward with you
3)If he promises you something. He’ll do it for you.

So if you are looking for advice in buying a new house be it for own stay or to collect passive income, or if you have recently decided to relocate to Singapore and need some good advice on schools, immigration, location and places to stay, or just a discussion over how to restructure your current property portfolio. Reach out to Willy and he’ll make sure your work gets done!

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